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Roast: Medium-Dark

Flavor: Oak, Peat, Caramel

Origin: Central America, South America


A Robust, rich blend with deep caramel tones, ideal for drip, French Press, Espresso and AeroPress.


One Pound Bag of Ground Coffee


Everyone knows that when things get rough, you can count on the MEDIC! Our Medic CBD coffee provides that warm and embracing comfort that you are longing for.

Whether it is a long day in the field or a tough day at work, you can count on Medic! to give you the lift of energy you need. With 1000mg of CBD per bag, you can rest easy knowing that Old Army Medic coffee is going to get to work.

Our CBD is of the highest quality and provided by Big Sky Extracts in Montana. This Veteran owned refinery delivers 99% pure CBD. You can learn more about their product by scanning the QR code on each bag of Medic! CBD Coffee. It will show you the purity report.
You will enjoy simple pleasures in each cup. With each sip, the flavors of the regular Medic! you will notice a medium-dark body with flavors of Hazelnut, oak, and caramel.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8 in


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